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All our detailing packages include a full safe wash and decontamination before work commences, the vehicle is then pulled inside and dried using our vehicle blower and microfibre towels. An interior valet and engine dressing are included with each package.

With all our detailing packages it is recommended that we inspect your vehicle prior to booking as this will highlight any potential areas of concern or any things you wish us to pay special attention to. This can be arranged at our premises or at your home or place of work at a time to suit you.

Icon of a starIdeal for enhancing your vehicles paintwork, adding gloss and improving the depth of colour. Our protection detail consists of a single stage machine polish followed by a two-stage paintwork protection in the form of AM Glaze and ceramic hybrid wax, wheel protection in the form of high temperature wheel wax, Trims coated in AM Trim and rain repellent coating to all exterior glass.

We Say – Great for enhancing the gloss of your vehicle's paintwork

1-2 Days
Prices From £200

An icon with a tickA great choice for adding the clarity back to your vehicle's paintwork, A two stage machine polish chasing removal of wash marring, swirl marks and light scratches. Paintwork is then topped with a multi stage paint protection in the form of AM glaze, seal and Ceramic Hybrid wax. All other exterior surfaces are protected as with our protection detail.

We Say - Why not add our Gtechniq ceramic bolt on for years of protection for your vehicle?

3 Days
Prices From £350

Sun iconGiving your new pride and joy the best start in life, A single stage machine polish to bring the paintwork to its full potential before being coated with Gtechniq CSL for years of protection, all trims, glass and wheels are also protected in Gtechniq coatings. The interior is also given a thorough clean and protection added to seats, dash, carpets and trim to help keep that new car feel for years to come.

We Say – Ask the dealership not to wash or prepare your vehicle prior to collection to minimise the risk of inducing damage.

2-3 Days
Prices From £400

a heartbeat iconSimply our finest package, truly bringing your vehicle back to life. The Revive Detail features over 50 hours of work, starting with a full safe wash, chemical and mechanical decontamination of all exterior surfaces including a deep clean to the engine bay and door shuts. This is followed by a multi-stage machine polish chasing paintwork perfection where safe to do so. Our Revive Detail features our wheels-off service ensuring wheels are deep cleaned as well as the arches and brake calipers. Paintwork is topped with Gtechniq CSL and Exo ceramic coatings. The wheels, plastic trim, glass and exhaust tips also receive the ceramic treatment.

On the inside the hard work continues with a meticulous deep clean of all areas including carpets, seats, head lining and all glass and plastics. All interior surfaces are then treated inc glass, fabrics, leather and plastics with long lasting Gtechniq protective coatings without changing the feel or look of materials. With no stone left unturned the Revive Detail will leave your vehicle looking better than the day it left the factory.

We Say – Our ultimate care package for anyone with a passion for their vehicle

4-5 days
Prices £ POA

Please Note

Times and prices may vary depending on the current condition of the vehicle.
Please contact us if you would like further details on this.

What Is Detailing?

A question we are often asked, When does valeting become detailing?

Here at Revive our definition is quite simple, detailing is when a machine polisher is used to remove swirl marks, scratches and defects from a vehicle's paintwork to enhance its appearance.

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