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Morning Matt,
Despite my many, actually make that very many, misgivings at actually paying someone to clean my car for me, a task I have done, successfully I believed, all my life, it comes as something of a shock to actually have to admit to myself, and of course by default to my dear wife, that it was money very well spent indeed.

Whilst the deep gloss on the paintwork and the almost new look to the interior made me smile, the 'cricket pitch' effect on the boot carpet made me laugh.... show off!

I now know the difference between me 'cleaning' a car and you 'valeting' or should that be 'detailing' the same car. Excellent work, excellent service and excellent advice about how to do it best when I choose to do it myself, we're never too old to learn!

Thanks a lot

Brian Hartley

Hi Matt,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you, the car has never looked so good. I went to the golf club at the weekend any everyone thought I had a new car!
The finish on the paintwork and your attention to detail are truly remarkable. I will be calling soon to book my wife's car in.


Wow, what a difference. After years of using our local hand car wash I didn’t realise how much damage had been inflicted on my car. I now realise the difference between a safe wash and a cheap wash!

Thank you so much Matt for the education and for making the car look its best again. I won't be going anywhere else in the future.


Revive Autocare

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